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DEVO 10.04.22

“You forgave the guilt of your people— yes, you covered all their sins.”

‭‭(Psalms‬ ‭85:2‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

- Tonight, at sundown is Yom Kippur. This is the holiest day of the year!

- It’s a day to pause, reflect and inspect your life.

- Is there anything unclean.

- Anything that shouldn’t be there in the presence of a Holy God.

- It’s a day to repent, receive his forgiveness and thank Him for doing what we could not do.

- Because it’s more than just an inspection of our lives, it’s actually the day of judgment.

- Judgment can be a scary word but it isn’t.

- Judgment simply means that a judge has come to a decision. It’s a decision for or against someone.

- But for us as Christians, it’s not based on the good things that we have done.

- It’s all based on the work of our Messiah, Jesus, and what He has done for us.

- Romans 5:11 says, “We also rejoice in God [rejoicing in His love and perfection] through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received and enjoy our reconciliation [with God].”

- ‭‭Instead of a day of dread and fear, it is actually a day of rejoicing in the work of Jesus on the cross and in His resurrection!

- It was a perfect work!

- All your guilt is gone and All your sins are paid for!

- The judge has ruled in your favor based on the work of Jesus and He has judges “for you!”

- But we have to remember to receive His finished work on our behalf.

- Don’t just recognize what was done, No, receive it as payment in full for your sins!

- You were once lost and now you have been found.

- You were once condemned to the death penalty but you are now a free man or woman!

- You were cursed but now you are blessed!

- Receive it, celebrate it and by all means live out your freedom, everyday!

- God bless you, on this day of Judgment!

- Have a great Tuesday!