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DEVO 08.28.23

DEVO. 08.28.23

“Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to completely finish His work.” (John 4:34 )

- What is your favorite food? - Some would say Pizza, some would say steak and others would say pasta. - But Jesus wasn’t talking about physical nourishment. - He was talking about spiritual nourishment. - And He was saying that He was most fulfilled and spiritually nourished by doing the will of His Father in heaven. - But He didn’t stop there. It’s not enough to discover the will of the Father and start doing it. He said that He was fulfilled when He completely finished His Fathers will. - How about you? - Do you know Gods will for your life? - Do you know that He is at work all around you and He is inviting you to join Him in His work? - But you will never know it unless you have established a relationship with Him. - Jesus want you to know Him, spend time with Him and establish a relationship with you and then as you grow your relationship with Him, you discover His heart and His purpose for you. - There is nothing more thrilling than discovering what God has planned for you and realizing that you are completely unequipped to do it on your own. - He wants you to jump in to what He has shown you and depend on His Spirit, presence and power to complete the task that He has revealed. - When you jump in and trust Him is when you will find the kind of food that Jesus is talking about! - It’s a food that fills you and nourishes you. - Today, get alone with Jesus and launch into and discover His true food for your soul! - Have a great Monday!

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