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DEVO 07.13.23

DEVO. 07.13.23

“Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.”

(Joshua ‭1:8‬ ‭NLT‬)

- I love these 2 words, “Only Then”

- Only then will you spiritually prosper and only then will you succeed.

- So what are the instructions for prospering?

- Joshua says, “Study this Book of Instruction continually”

- He is referring to the first five books of the Bible that God gave to Moses.

- I picture Joshua pleading with the people as He says this!

- He is saying, this is vitally important!

- You will never succeed without it!

- In God’s Word, you will find the keys to success.

- Joshua was to be faithful to God’s Word by talking about it, meditating on it and obeying it fully.

- To Meditate on it means that you read it and reflect on it throughout the day.

- It’s not just for information and head knowledge.

- But when you meditate on God’s word, it leads to transformation and a changed life.

- Just like Joshua and the children of Israel, If you want to be new then Get God’s word in you.

- If you want to be successful then it only comes by and through His Word!

- Read His Word!

- Memorize His Word!

- Meditate on His Word!

- Live by His Word!

- Don’t just get into God’s Word but let God’s Word get into you!

- Use it to break any strongholds or addictions in your life.

- Absorb it so that it changes the way you think, act and react!

- Let His word purify your mind and life.

- Let it shape the way that you love and forgive.

- Just like Joshua instructed the children of Israel, let me encourage you!

- Read it and obey everything written in it.

- Only Then...

- Only Then will you prosper and succeed!

- And not just in some of the things that you set out to do, but in all you do!

- Your relationships will thrive!

- Your business will succeed

- You will spiritually prosper!

- Educationally you will rise to the top!

- Emotionally you will be stable.

- Financially you will be blessed.

- You will succeed in ALL YOU DO!

- So the question is, Do you want to prosper and be successful?

- If you do, then now is a great time to get in God’s Word!

- Get in it, as if you can’t live without it!

- Have a great Thursday!

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