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DEVO 05.18.23

DEVO. 05.18.23

"Fill your flask with anointing oil and get going. I’m sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem. I’ve spotted the very king I want among his sons.”” (1 Samuel 16:1‬)

- There was a job that God needed Samuel to do that only he could do. - He was the Prophet at the time. - God had an assignment for him. - But, Saul had failed as the first King of Israel and he was mourning that. - If he does not get over mourning the failed Leadership of King Saul, then He will never be able to join God in what God wanted to accomplish. - It was time for him to move with God and what God had planned. - James 2:26 says " without works is dead” - It's not enough to know what to do, there must be a time where you put it into practice. - Put feet to that Faith and MOVE! - That might look like forgiveness - Or it may look like serving someone. - Or it might mean speaking a kind word or encouraging someone. - It will cost you time and energy - But it always means using the gifts God has given you and putting them to use. - Instead of just listening to a teacher telling you "how to", it is time for the student to become the teacher. - James 4:17 says "If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.” - It's time to stop thinking about it, now it's time to do it! - Stop reading about it and now apply it! - What is something that you've been thinking about for a long time which you simply need to "do". - Today is a day to Move! - It's a day of action. - There are lives that God has for you to touch. - People who need your forgiveness, encouragement and healing. - People with brokenness that you need to help restore. - It may be one word that you speak that changes everything, but if it's never spoken, it's useless. - God wants you to join Him in His activity today! - Take a step, an action step, of faith today! - Time to Move! - Have a great Thursday!

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