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DEVO 05.16.24

DEVO. 05.16.24

"Jesus said... If you abide in My word [hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them], you are truly My disciples. And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free." (John 8:31, 32 AMP)

- What is one thing or person that you cannot live without?

- It could be a relationship, a pet, a food, a sport...

- But for you to live without that, would not be living would simply be existing.

- When Jesus says, Abide in me - that is what He means.

- Life without Him would not be living, it would be existing.

- So here's the big question...Are you abiding in Him?

- To abide means to stay, wait, dwell, remain, hang out or live.

- Abiding is not coming to Him for a few minutes in the morning or reading a few verses at night, then shutting your Bible and saying, "Check, I got that done."

- He wants more.

- He wants to dwell in you.

- He wants to live in You.

- He wants to be your Life...not just part of your life.

- He wants it to be a moment by moment relationship.

- He wants you to recognize His presence when He matter where you are.

- Is He allowed to interrupt you at work or are you so focused on a task that you block Him out?

- Is He allowed to interrupt you when you are watching sport or have your favorite show on?

- Is He allowed to interrupt you at school?

- Or have you already told Him where and when He can speak to you and guide you?

- Have you said, "I give you this 10 minute quiet time at the beginning of the day - that's your time God"?

- Let me ask you, Is that abiding?

- Does that look like someone you can't live without?

- My wife would never settle for that, so why would I think God would?

- Today, make the decision to Abide.

- Take some time to linger in His presence.

- Look for those moments when you are in the middle of your day, doing your normal activity and you sense Him wanting to speak to your Heart.

- Immediately stop and listen.

- This is what Jesus means in John 10:29, "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me."

- You listen and then follow.

- Awaken your spiritual senses this morning and recognize and listen to Him when He comes to speak to you.

- That's the difference between Religion and Relationship.

- Take some time and learn to abide today!

- Choose today to NOT Live without His presence.

- Have a great Thursday!


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