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DEVO 04.11.23

DEVO. 04.11.23

“When Jesus saw her, He called her over and said to her, “Woman, you are released from your illness.”” (Luke‬ ‭13‬:‭12‬ ‭AMP‬‬)

- What do you see?

- Do you just see people based on the external?

- Do you view people by social class, race, wealth, or political view? Or do you look deeper?

- Have you allowed yourself to look to past the surface issues in order to see the “Real Needs.”

- Even though this woman was bent over and crippled, He looked past the physical and saw the spiritual root!

- Something had been oppressing her for 18 years!

- For 18 years she was afflicted!

- For 18 years her view was looking down, because she was bent over!

- She was an outcast.

- She was known for her sickness.

- She was not to be touched.

- All religious laws said, don’t touch her on the sabbath.

- But Jesus looked past it all and saw that this woman, had been bound up for eighteen long years!

- He said, “Should she not have been released from this bond on the Sabbath day?” (13:16)

- ‭‭Religion said “No” but Relationship said, “Yes”

- True Love said, “Yes”

- That very moment, Jesus released her from her illness!

- How about you?

- What is something that you’ve been dealing with, for a long time, that you need to be set free from?

- Is it something that you have labeled as a sickness or an illness or a condition?

- Let Jesus look deeper.

- Let Him address the root.

- Let Him speak to the spiritual issue which can heal the physical.

- Let Him loose all that has bound you up!

- I know the doctors may have put a label on it.

- They may have said it’s “this condition” or “That syndrome”. But what does Jesus see? What would he say?

- Are you ready to peel off the label and remove the false identity?

- Will you allow Him to release you from All that has trapped you?

- Speak to the illness and command it to leave in Jesus name. That’s the authority that you’ve been given by Jesus. (Luke 10:19)

- Today could be your day of Freedom!

- Have a great Tuesday!

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