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DEVO 03.26.24

DEVO. 03.26.24

“They took branches of palm trees and went out to meet Him, and cried out: “Hosanna! ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!’ The King of Israel!” (John‬ ‭12:13‬ ‭NKJV‬‬)

- What are your expectations of Jesus, today?

- Do you have any?

- In these verses we find Jesus descending into town where the multitudes of people were.

- As he arrives, The people shouted Hosanna!

- This was a slogan which meant "Please save us! Give us freedom!"

- They want Jesus to be their Savior, but they want Him to do it their way!

- They are thinking political freedom to meet their short term goals.

- He is thinking spiritual freedom to meet their eternal need.

- They are thinking about the temporary.

- He is thinking about the eternal!

- And if they shout it loud enough and get excited enough then maybe Jesus will join their plan and do what they want.

- The reality is that they totally missed the Savior even though He was right in front of them.

- They could identify Jesus as the Messiah but would not make Him Lord!

- "Lord" means supreme ruler and Master.

- To call Him Lord means that you stop leading and you begin following.

- Lord means, "I will do what you want." And not expect you to do what I want!

- They totally missed the Lord because of their Expectations!

- They Expected Him to do what they wanted.

- They expected Him to come a certain way and do certain things (like overthrow the Roman government), and because of that, they missed Jesus.

- They literally missed Him!

- They missed His purpose.

- They missed His plan.

- They missed His way!

- They missed the One who could set them free and offer them Salvation.

- They missed the One who could bring them Spiritual, emotional, physical and eternal Healing!

- They missed Jesus.

- But I wonder how many times we do the same thing.

- How many time do we look for Him to give us temporary relief for an immediate need and He is thinking on a Greater scale.

- How many times do we look at the "Here and Now" and He is thinking "Eternal"

- We think Physical and He points to the Spiritual.

- Maybe today is a good day to remove your expectations and surrender them to Him.

- How about taking off the limitations that you have placed on Him.

- Maybe, you just let Him be Lord.

- Today would be a great day to surrender your expectations to Him and begin listening to what He has planned for your life.

- Let your expectations simply be What He wants.

- His plan always, far exceeds anything that we could plan!

- His way is greater!

- He will lead you down a better path!

- Today, don't just call Him "Lord", make Him Lord!

- Have a great Tuesday!


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