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DEVO 01.18.23

DEVO. 01.18.23

"She said, “You are the God who sees me.” She also said, “Have I truly seen the One who sees me?”” (Genesis‬ ‭16‬:‭13‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

- Have you ever felt insignificant or unimportant?

- Have you ever felt mistreated or used?

- Well, that's how Hagar felt!

- But never let your feelings of your current condition become your reality of God's love or God's heart.

- Never let the enemy fill your mind with thoughts of abandonment or rejection.

- We have a God who sees where you are and cares about the condition you are in.

- In this story we find Hagar running away from her problem, into the dessert.

- She is on a path that is taking her back to where she came from, Egypt.

- She was pulled into Abram and Sarai's attempt to produce God's Promise, man's way.

- And then she is mistreated and seen as the problem.

- She is the "fall guy" or "fall girl"

- She is not the problem but she sure feels like it.

- So you would think that she is just a side story...

- A sub-plot or a write off...

- No, not in God's eyes!

- In God's eyes, she is valuable!

- She is Significant!

- When Hagar runs off into the desert after being treated harshly by Sarai, God comes chasing after her!

- He literally chases her down to remind her that she is valuable.

- In Gen. 16:10, it says, "Then the Angel of the Lord said to her, “I will multiply your descendants exceedingly, so that they shall not be counted for multitude.”

- The Angel of The Lord also tells her that she is pregnant and the child within her should be named, "Ishmael, Because the Lord has heard your affliction. (Gen.16:11)

- He is the God who sees and hears!

- The Lord gives her a glimpse into her future.

- He fills her with value and worth!

- in the middle of her emptiness and loneliness He brings Hope and fullness!

- That is our God.

- The same God who sees you as Significant.

- The same God who says, today, "You are Valuable"!

- Our God who wants to re-fill you with purpose and acceptance!

- Know, today, that you are valuable.

- Know that your story is not over!

- There is still more to His plan for your life.

- God loves you and wants to accomplish His plan through you!

- Let Him fill you with value and purpose, Today!

- He is the God who sees and hears you!

- Have a great Wednesday!

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