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DEVO 01.13.23

DEVO. 01.13.23

"Listen to my voice in the morning, LORD. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly." (Psalm 5:3 NLT)

- EXPECTANTLY! - Are you waiting expectantly to hear from the Lord. - I have a picture in my mind of someone sitting on the edge of their seat just waiting for a word of direction and instructions. - Make it your goal this morning to wait on the Lord for a word from Him. - The Lord is longing to speak to His people, but He finds very few who will take the time to wait on Him. - Many times we are good with putting the request out there but not good on waiting for His answer. - I encourage you to prepare your heart and watch and wait on the Lord! Wait with expectation! - Have your spiritual ears prepared all throughout the day to hear from Him. - Have your spiritual eyes open and looking for His activity around you. - Determine in your heart to act on all that he speaks to you. - Trust Him with your plans, hopes & dreams. - Amos 3:7 says, "Indeed, the Sovereign LORD never does anything until he reveals his plans to his servants the prophets." - If you a follower of Christ, His desire is to reveal His plans to you! - Psalm 25:14 says, "The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, And He will show them His covenant." - To fear him is to honor him and worship Him. It is putting Him first. - Matthew 6:33 says, "seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides." - When you put Him first, He will reveal His plans. His plans are far above anything you could ask for or imagine. - His plans for you are better! (Ephesians 3:20) - His dreams for you are greater! - He wants to speak Hope into your hopeless heart. - He wants to give you insight into your situation. - He wants you to see that when you trust & rely on Him, that His way is best! - Wait Expectantly today! - Have a great Weekend!

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